Setting out, is the process of transforming drawings into reality. It’s the meticulous transfer of precise measurements and locations from architectural plans onto the physical construction site. This critical step ensures everything is built exactly as designed, forming the foundation for a successful and efficient construction process.

Why is Setting Out So Important?

Imagine a house under construction in Surrey. Without proper setting out, foundations might be dug in the wrong spot, walls might not align correctly, and doors and windows could end up mismatched. Setting out eliminates these headaches by:

  • Guaranteeing Accuracy: Precise measurements are transferred from plans to the ground, ensuring every element is built in the designated location.

  • Enhancing Efficiency: With clear markers and reference points, construction teams can work confidently and avoid costly rework

  • Facilitating Collaboration: Setting out establishes a common ground for architects, engineers, and builders, enabling seamless project execution.

What Does Setting Out involve?

Kenward’s experienced engineers employ a meticulous setting out process typically involving:

  • Site Preparation: Clearing the designated area of debris, vegetation, and obstructions to create a clean working space.
  • Establishing a Benchmark: Setting a fixed reference point for elevation measurements, crucial for foundations and ensuring level construction.

  • Transferring Measurements: Using specialised tools like a robotic total stations. Key points and boundaries from the plans are marked on the ground. A total station is an advanced surveying instrument that combines a theodolite with an electronic distance meter (EDM). This allows for highly accurate measurement of horizontal and vertical distances, angles, and coordinates.
  • Verification and Adjustments: Measurements are double-checked, and any minor adjustments are made to guarantee accuracy.

Kenward: Your Partner for Groundwork

At Kenward, our team of groundwork specialists in Surrey and West Sussex understand the significance of a flawless setting out process. We possess the experience and advanced tools to ensure your project begins on the right foot.

For your next construction project, contact Kenward today and let us lay the groundwork for success, literally!