Electrical Substation Infrastructure

Ensure a seamless and compliant foundation for your substation project with Kenward. We are a leading provider of comprehensive groundwork solutions for substations and switchrooms across the South East of England

Groundworks and Civil Engineering

Need a reliable and experienced partner for your next groundworks or civil engineering project. Look no further than Kenward! Our team of highly skilled professionals delivers exceptional solutions across the board, from foundations and basements to drainage and infrastructure development.

Electrical Substation Grounworks

Why Partner with Kenward for Substation Groundworks?

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Our team possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in substation projects and the specific requirements set forth by UK power suppliers.

  • Turnkey Groundworks Solutions: We offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing all aspects of substation groundworks.
  • Excavation and Earthworks: Earth related digging and moving to create the perfect levels and gradients for your project.

  • Substation Base Construction: Our team utilies their expertise in shuttering, concrete pouring, and reinforcement to deliver a structurally sound and compliant base for your substation.

  • Pathways & Paving: Future-Proofed Access Solutions, We proactively consider future maintenance needs and create clear, accessible pathways for personnel, including the implementation of gates and strategic path clearing when necessary.

  • Site Utilities,Services, Trenching and Ductwork Installation: We meticulously plan and execute the installation of trenches and ducts to ensure proper placement and facilitate future cable management.

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