Agricultural and Equestrian Solutions

At Kenward, we don’t just understand farming – we live it. With a passionate commitment to the industry and a reputation for producing quality Aberdeen Angus beef from our own suckler heard in Surrey. Kenward is widely respected for its deep-rooted expertise and authoritative presence in the local agricultural sector.

From Farming Passion to Equestrian Excellence

Kenward has a rich heritage grounded in agriculture, and from this foundation, we’ve grown to become experts in groundworks and civil engineering, with tailored services for the farming, agricultural, and equestrian sectors. We construct a variety of agricultural buildings, from sturdy livestock buildings that withstand the elements to spacious grain stores designed for optimal storage. Our silage clamps are built with efficiency in mind, ensuring the best for your forage.

Our deep understanding of farming needs has led us to create functional and enduring structures such as slurry lagoons, which are essential for modern farming operations, or tranquil lakes that add beauty and utility to your land. We’re also skilled in fitting the most sophisticated agricultural wastewater systems, ensuring that your farm operates cleanly and complies with environmental standards.

For equestrian enthusiasts, Kenward has spent over two decades perfecting structures that honor the grace of equestrian sports. Whether it’s a cozy stable for your prized horses, home stable yard or sand school for training, we deliver with precision and attention to detail. Each project is executed to complement the natural beauty of Britain’s countryside, ensuring that our structures are as visually pleasing as they are functional.

Choosing Kenward means opting for a partnership that values sturdy construction, aesthetic design, and a professional approach that gets the job done right. We’re committed to building not just buildings, but environments that represent a standard of excellence and a nod to the landscape they inhabit.

Comprehensive Services for a Complete Solution

  • Riding Arenas: Design and construction of world-class riding arenas, optimized for performance and safety.
  • Expert Planning & Guidance: Collaborate with our experienced team to plan your project flawlessly, maximizing functionality and aesthetics.
  • Impeccable Security Gates & Fencing: Durable and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions for optimal security and peace of mind.
  • Stable Foundations: Precision-crafted foundations for safe and durable stables, designed for generations of use.
  • Field Shelter Bases: Create all-weather protection for your animals with expertly built field shelters and bases.
  • Thoughtful Stable & Livestock Yard Design: Design and build functional and stylish stable yards and livestock areas for optimal animal welfare.
  • Tranquil Tracks, Footpaths & Bridleways: Build beautiful and durable tracks, footpaths, and bridleways for enjoyable riding experiences.
  • Innovative Drainage Solutions: Ensure optimal performance and animal health with efficient and reliable drainage systems.
  • Transformative Landscaping & Flourishing Planting: Enhance your property’s beauty and functionality with expert landscaping and planting.
  • Efficient Muck Heap Solutions: Design and implement practical and environmentally friendly muck heap solutions for easy manure management.
  • Reliable Manure Removal Service: Enjoy the convenience and expertise of our professional manure removal services.

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This Luxury Glass Orangery in Berkshire, exemplifies our expertise. We tackled space constraints with meticulous planning and top-notch project management, ensuring timely completion.