Your Reinforced Concrete and Formwork Experts

Reinforced Concrete and Formwork are foundational to achieving structural integrity. These specialities are not only integral to crafting robust building infrastructures but are also indispensable in projects ranging from expansive basements and large-scale developments to critical structural components like retaining walls. Trust in our expertise to deliver excellence in every Reinforced Concrete and Formwork project.

Our Services:

At Kenward, we take pride in our teams ability to deliver formwork, reinforced concrete and foundations. Our unwavering commitment to quality and expertise sets us apart in the industry. Simply provide us with your designs and we’ll transform them from paper to something tangible.

Reinforced Concrete

Our expertise in reinforced concrete guarantees structures that are durable, strong, and built to last. With precision engineering, we set the standard in modern construction.


The art of formwork is our forte. We transform design blueprints into tangible structures, precisely tailored to meet engineering specifications, resulting in flawless concrete shaping.


Our foundation solutions are built on years of knowledge , engineered to support, whether it’s load-bearing or specialised foundations, we’ve got you covered.

RC Slabs

Our RC slabs are made for durability and longevity Our expertise and experience guarantee both functionality and aesthetic finesse.

Retaining Walls & Structures

We craft durable, aesthetically pleasing retaining walls and structures that stand the test of time.

Ground Beams

Ensuring stability and load distribution, our ground beams are engineered to perfection, reinforcing the very foundation of your project’s success.

Comprehensive Services for a Complete Project Solution

Precise Blockwork: Elevate your projects with our meticulous subfloor blockwork and structural floors, the solid foundation of exceptional construction.

Beneath the Surface: Unleash potential below ground with our expertise in basement and concrete structures, crafting environments that extend beyond the surface.

Effective Water Management: Ensure your projects are safeguarded from water accumulation challenges with our efficient surface water and foul drainage systems.

Seamless Integration: We seamlessly connect your projects with their surroundings, harmonising with the environment.

Transforming Landscapes: Achieve the perfect balance between hard and soft landscaping, creating captivating and inspiring outdoor spaces.

Boundary Excellence: Define boundaries with aesthetic yet functional fencing and retaining walls that complement your project.

Pathway Paving: Our path construction expertise contributes to infrastructure development, facilitating project connectivity and growth.