Planning on transforming your Surrey property with a stunning new driveway But before you dive into choosing materials and colours, there’s a crucial step often overlooked: groundwork. A solid and well-considered groundwork foundation is essential for a driveway that looks grand and lasts for years to come.

At Kenward we’re Surrey’s groundwork specialists. and can guide you through the essential groundwork considerations to ensure your new driveway boasts a strong and stable base:

Understanding Your Surrey Soil:

Surrey soil types vary greatly across the county. From sandy heaths in the west to clay-rich areas in the east, each requires a specific groundwork approach. Our expert team will assess your soil type to determine the best groundwork techniques for a secure foundation.

Drainage Solutions for All-Weather Performance:

Proper drainage is key to preventing unwanted puddles and ensuring your driveway endures the elements. We’ll design a drainage system tailored to your Surrey soil type and the volume of water runoff expected. This might involve groundwork solutions like ditches, soakaways, or installing a french drain system.

Kenward: Your Partner for Groundwork

At Kenward, our team of groundwork specialists in Surrey and West Sussex understand the significance of a flawless setting out process. We possess the experience and advanced tools to ensure your project begins on the right foot.

For your next construction project, contact Kenward today and let us lay the groundwork for success, literally!