Building on weak or unstable soil? Vibro stone columns might be the solution you’re looking for! This ground improvement technique utilises strategically placed stone columns to enhance the load-bearing capacity and stability of soft ground.

How Vibro Stone Columns Work?

The process involves hammering crushed stone columns into the ground using a vibrating probe. This vibration densifies the surrounding soil particles, creating a more compact and stable foundation.

There are two main instillation methods:

  • Top Feed: For stable soils, stone aggregates are fed from the top of the probe as it penetrates the ground.
  • Bottom Feed: In unstable soils prone to collapse, stone aggregates are fed from the bottom of the probe, ensuring a continuous and dense column formation.

What are the benefits of Vibro Stone Columns?

While ensuring a solid foundation is paramount, responsible groundwork extends beyond the technical aspects. Here are some additional considerations:

  • Enhanced Bearing Capacity: The stone columns act as pillars, significantly improving the soil’s ability to support weight for sturdier building foundations.

  • Reduced Settlement: Densified soil minimizes overall and uneven settlement, preventing structural damage caused by ground movement.

  • Faster Construction:Vibro stone columns accelerate ground consolidation by promoting drainage, allowing for quicker construction timelines.
  • Cost-Effective Foundations: By improving soil stability, vibro stone columns can eliminate the need for expensive reinforced foundations, reducing overall project costs.

  • Environmentally Friendly: The installation process produces minimal spoil, making vibro stone columns a sustainable ground improvement solution.

Applications of Vibro Stone Columns:

Vibro stone columns are a versatile solution for various construction projects requiring strong foundations, including:

  • Residential Foundations: Strengthening foundations for houses and low-rise buildings.
  • Commercial and Industrial Projects: Creating stable foundations for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and high-tolerance floor slabs.
  • Infrastructure Development: Improving the stability of embankments, water treatment plants, and wind farms

Kenward’s Expertise:

At Kenward, we have extensive experience in various ground improvement techniques, including vibro stone columns. Our team can assist you in assessing your project’s specific needs and recommend the most effective solution.