The Project.

Kenward was proud to partner with the Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare on Project Terrapin, a new initiative dedicated to providing a safe haven for rescued terrapins. Our role involved the complete groundwork and construction of the following:


  • Main Terrapin Intake & Isolation Centre: This brick and polycarbonate building serves as a central hub for terrapin assessment and rehabilitation. Here, the animals’ health will be evaluated, and they will be placed into specialised training pools to rebuild muscle mass after being confined in small spaces.

    The building has been constructed with screw piles, concrete foundations, and a recovered raft slab with brick facades.

  • Sunbathing Beach: A designated beach area alongside the expansive main lake allows terrapins to thermoregulate and enjoy the natural sunlight, crucial for their overall health and well-being.

Building directly on this ground would have resulted in unacceptable settlement and potential damage to the structures.

The Challenge

Many rescued terrapins arrive at Raystede in a poor state due to inadequate living conditions. Project Terrapin presented the challenge of creating a specialized environment that would not only meet their immediate needs but also promote their long-term health and recovery. Solution Kenward’s team worked closely with Raystede to ensure every aspect of the construction was tailored to terrapin welfare.

This included:

  • Utilising safe and appropriate building materials to create a healthy and secure habitat.
  • Constructing a dedicated sunbathing area to provide essential basking opportunities.

The Outcome

Project Terrapin is a shining example of collaborative effort for animal welfare. Thanks to the new facilities, Raystede can now provide rescued terrapins with a nurturing environment conducive to healing and thriving. The project not only benefits the terrapins themselves but also serves as a valuable resource for education and conservation efforts.