The Project.

In the heart of the illustrious Windsor Great Park lies Mezel Hill, a once redundant farm, now being brought back to life through a visionary project executed by Kenward. As a leading Construction and Groundworks company, we have been entrusted by the prestigious Crown Estate to spearhead the transformation of this historically significant site. Our dedication to excellence, environmental consciousness, and commitment to the community has positioned us as the principal contractor for this incredible endeavour.

Windsor Great Park, an ancient Royal landscape boasting a thousand years of history, encompasses awe-inspiring forests, lush grasslands, serene lakes, and captivating gardens. Home to historical monuments, rare wildlife, and the National Collections of Plants and Champion Trees, the park holds unparalleled cultural and historical importance. Mezel Hill, situated near the Royal School, is an integral part of this prestigious Grade 1 listed park.

The Vision:

Our mission at Kenward is to breathe new life into Mezel Hill while preserving its historical significance. The Crown Estate has entrusted us with a project that spans 52 weeks. The comprehensive plan entails the demolition of the existing abandoned structure which covers an extensive area of 2,496 square meters, clearing the site to make way for a new warehouse that will be leased to the Royal Collection. Additionally, we will undertake the delicate renovation of an existing concrete-framed building.

An Unprecedented Honor:

This project holds an unparalleled historic significance, as it will be the first construction mission bearing the Royal Cypher of His Majesty King Charles, signifying the Crown’s direct involvement in this noble venture. As the first construction project overseen by the Crown since King Charles ascended to the throne, Mezel Hill holds a special place in the annals of royal history. The timeless Royal Cypher will be etched upon this project, symbolising the enduring bond between the Crown and its commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

Joining the Considerate Contractor Scheme:

In preparation for commencing the project at Mezel Hill, our esteemed client insisted that Kenward become a member of the Considerate Contractor Scheme. This distinguished program is designed to bolster the construction industry’s commitment to embodying considerate practices and fostering public trust. We also felt that our core values seamlessly align with the principles set forth by the Considerate Contractor code of conduct, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Respect the Community:

    We recognise the significance of Mezel Hill to the local community and its historical importance. From the project’s inception, we have collaborated with the community to understand its needs and concerns, ensuring that our work causes minimal disruption. Regular communication channels have been established, allowing us to address any queries promptly and maintain a harmonious relationship with the community throughout the construction process.

  • Care for the Environment:

    Preserving the natural beauty of Windsor Great Park is a responsibility we take seriously. We are committed to executing this project with the utmost respect for the environment and wildlife. Our team of experts have meticulously designed the construction process to minimize our ecological footprint. Through eco-friendly practices, recycling initiatives, and the careful management of resources, we aim to contribute positively to the ecosystem and its delicate balance.

  • Value our Workforce:

    At Kenward, our workforce is the backbone of our success. As we embark on this monumental project at Mezel Hill, our team members’ safety, well-being, and professional growth are paramount. Comprehensive training programs and strict adherence to safety protocols ensure a secure working environment for all. Moreover, we promote diversity, equality, and fair opportunities for career advancement, fostering a motivated and dedicated workforce.

Embracing Sustainability:

As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, Kenward is conducting a comprehensive BREEAM survey on the entire project. This assessment will provide us with valuable insights and opportunities to enhance the eco-friendliness and efficiency of the development, while also reducing its carbon footprint. It is important to note that Kenward will be aiming to achieve a score of ‘Very Good’ in the BREEAM survey. Embracing sustainability is not just an obligation; we promise to safeguard Mezel Hill for generations to come.

Developing our Workforce:

We firmly believe that investing in our workforce is key to the success and sustainability of our projects. Through our work experience and apprentice program, we are committed to instilling a passion for construction in the youth, inspiring them to pursue rewarding careers in the industry. By mentoring and guiding these aspiring individuals, we pave the way for a skilled and diverse workforce that will carry the torch of excellence for generations to come.

We are equally dedicated to the growth and development of our current team members. We understand the importance of equipping our workforce with the latest skills and knowledge in a rapidly evolving industry. To this end, we have introduced up-skilling courses and new training programs that cater to the evolving needs of the construction landscape.

By providing our team members with access to continuous learning opportunities, we ensure that they remain well-prepared for today’s projects and the challenges of tomorrow.

Through a blend of nurturing emerging talent and empowering our current team members, we are laying a strong foundation for the future of Kenward. With a skilled and motivated workforce at the helm, we are confident in our ability to deliver excellence in every project we undertake, including at the prestigious Mezel Hill.


The Mezel Hill project embodies the perfect fusion of heritage and modernity, where Kenward and the Crown Estate collaborate to revitalise history in the heart of Windsor Great Park. Our dedication to excellence, environmental consciousness, and commitment to the community serve as guiding beacons throughout this transformative journey. With every brick laid and every landmark restored, we celebrate the legacy of Mezel Hill while laying the foundation for a bright and sustainable future.