Kenward Constructions, renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation, has embarked on a new and ambitious project in Arundel, West Sussex. This case study delves deep into the journey of the Ford Road Development and offers a glimpse into the impact and progress of the project so far.

Project Overview:

Arundel, a vibrant community in West Sussex, has witnessed considerable growth over the past few years. Recognizing the potential and the increasing demand for luxury living in the region, Kenward Constructions seized the opportunity to transform a 22-acre unused land into a bastion of modern luxury.

On the 11th of September 2023, a significant milestone was achieved as Kenward officially broke ground on this expansive development. With a vision to redefine luxury living in Arundel, this development is not just a testament to Kenward’s prowess in construction but also stands as a symbol of growth for the entire community.

By the end of the first week, Kenward’s dedicated team, bolstered by state-of-the-art equipment, had laid down the foundation for the project’s internal haulage road. Recognising roads as the very veins of a community, Kenward’s approach goes beyond mere construction. These roads signify connections, opportunities, and new beginnings. The completion of the internal roads marks a significant step towards actualizing the vision of the Ford Road Development.


Arundel, West Sussex


22 Acres


Housing Development

The Significance

The Ford Road Development is not merely a housing project; it’s a vision for the future. It embodies:

  • Innovation: Transforming unused land into a beacon of luxury.

  • Commitment: Kenward’s unwavering dedication to quality and excellence.

  • Community Building: Enhancing the vibrancy of the Arundel community.

  • Economic Growth: Boosting the local economy through construction jobs and increased housing.

Looking Ahead

As Kenward steers this project forward, the anticipation grows. With 90 premium homes slated for construction, the Ford Road Development promises to be a landmark project for both Kenward and the Arundel community. The journey has just begun, but the path ahead is paved with promise, luxury, and unparalleled living experiences.

The Ford Road Development in Arundel is a shining example of Kenwards’ commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering community growth, and crafting spaces that resonate with luxury and comfort. As this case study unfolds, we look forward to documenting every milestone and celebrating the continued success of this project.