Our Approach to Modular Building Infrastructure

With a trail of successful modular building projects across the nation. Our expertise is as diverse as our clientele, mastering the unique demands and challenges of each site we encounter. Our approach? We entrust our skilled on-site teams with the tools and authority they need to handle a wide array of projects. From laying solid foundations to weaving complex utility services, and from constructing pathways to success to building ramps that uplift your vision – we deliver a harmonious array of solutions tailored to your needs.

Discover the Kenward Advantage

Precise Blockwork: Elevate your projects with our meticulous subfloor blockwork and structural floors, the solid foundation of exceptional construction.

Beneath the Surface: Unleash potential below ground with our expertise in basement and concrete structures, crafting environments that extend beyond the surface.

Effective Water Management: Ensure your projects are safeguarded from water accumulation challenges with our efficient surface water and foul drainage systems.

Seamless Integration: We seamlessly connect your projects with their surroundings, harmonising with the environment.

Transforming Landscapes: Achieve the perfect balance between hard and soft landscaping, creating captivating and inspiring outdoor spaces.

Boundary Excellence: Define boundaries with aesthetic yet functional fencing and retaining walls that complement your project.

Pathway Paving: Our path construction expertise contributes to infrastructure development, facilitating project connectivity and growth.”