The Project.

Kenward is proud to showcase our work on the foundations, landscaping, and hardscaping of the stunning new Luxury Glass Orangery and Gardens at a site in Berkshire. This ambitious project encompassed:

  • Foundations: Laying the groundwork for both the cladded building and the impressive glasshouse.
  • Topsoil: Providing a healthy and fertile base for the diverse plant life.
  • Edgings: Creating clear and defined borders throughout the gardens.
  • Paving: Creating walkways between the gardens and the glasshouse.
  • Landscaping: Bringing the entire vision to life with meticulous landscaping.

The Challenge

Completing the Groundwork within a bustling location presented unique challenges. Strict space constraints demanded meticulous planning for operating machinery efficiently. Furthermore, tight deadlines meant ensuring the project progressed on schedule without delays.

Our Solution & Specification

To overcome these hurdles, Kenward Construction employed:

  • Top Notch Project Management : Our team constantly monitored progress, identified potential roadblocks proactively, and adjusted plans swiftly to maintain the project schedule.
  • The Latest Project Management Software: Utilising a real-time platform for daily progress monitoring and communication between teams.
  • Experienced Workforce: Deploying a team of skilled professionals with a proven track record of delivering high-quality work.
  • Advanced Equipment: Utilising modern and space efficient excavators and machinery specifically chosen to operate effectively within limited space constraints.

Why Use Kenward?

We are passionate about transforming visions into exceptional realities. If you have a project requiring a meticulous, solutions-oriented approach, contact us today!

By combining our proven groundwork expertise with innovative solutions, Kenward is proud to contribute to groundwork element the successful delivery of this exceptional project in Windsor