The Project.

Kenward was commissioned to create a sand school for a private client in the picturesque countryside of West Sussex. The client, an equestrian enthusiast, required a professional facility for training and exercising horses.

The Challenge

The primary challenge of this project was the natural incline of the selected site. The terrain needed to be transformed into a perfectly flat and level ground to meet the rigorous standards required for an equestrian sand school. Additionally, it was crucial to address the issue of water runoff, which could potentially disrupt the integrity and usability of the sand school, especially during heavy rainfall.

Our Solution & Specification

Kenward Construction approached this challenge with a strategic cut and fill technique. This method involved excavating material from the higher part of the slope (cut) and using it to fill the lower part, thereby creating a level platform. Specifically, we executed a 1200mm cut at the top and an 800mm fill at the bottom.

To effectively manage water runoff, we installed an extensive 200+ meter linear drainage system. This drainage system, composed of perforated land drains, was designed to channel rainwater away from the sand school, ensuring it remained dry and functional regardless of weather conditions.

  • Project Duration: 7 weeks
  • Sand School Dimensions: 40 meters by 25 meters
  • Drainage System: Installation of over 200 linear meters of perforated land drainage to manage water runoff.
  • Cut and Fill Technique: Executed a 1200mm cut at the top of the slope and an 800mm fill at the bottom to achieve a level platform
  • Location: Bolney, West Sussex.

The Outcome

The completed sand school met the client’s specifications and expectations. The surface was level, providing an ideal training ground for equestrian activities. Kenward’s meticulous planning and execution not only overcame the initial challenges but also delivered a top-notch equestrian facility, enhancing the client’s property and fulfilling their equestrian needs.

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