The Project.

Kenward has been working with Cornerstone, a property developer, to deliver a unique extension project for a Grade II listed building in Chiddingfold, Surrey. Our role involves the construction of the building’s foundations, with a particular challenge of integrating an existing ancient well into the new design.


The Challenge

The project presents a fascinating challenge due to the presence of a historic well located within the property grounds. The development plan prioritises the preservation of this well, transforming it into a captivating feature of the extended space. Our team must meticulously execute the foundation works to ensure the well’s structural integrity remains intact.

Our Solution & Specification

To achieve this goal, Kenward’s skilled groundwork specialists will employ a multifaceted approach:

  • Precise Excavation: Utilising precision techniques, we will carefully excavate the foundation area around the well, maintaining a safe distance to prevent any damage.
  • Structural Support: Utilising the trench fill method, foundations will be excavated and concrete poured, there will be steel beans fixed around the well and then sunk into the concrete. This method involves robust foundation system that effectively supports the new extension while safeguarding the well’s structure.
    • Trench width of 600mm.
    • Maximum depth of 1500mm below existing ground level.
    • Encasement of a steel beam (supplied by Cornerstone) according to the structural engineer’s detailed specifications.
  • Below Ground Sleeper Walls: Dense concrete blocks (140mm thickness) will be supplied and installed to form the below-ground sleeper walls.
  • Below Ground Blockwork: The perimeter of the Dining Room extension will be constructed using below-ground blockwork.
  • Block & Beam Slab: The final stage will involve supplying and installing a Block & Beam Slab for the extension floor.
  • Well Integration: Following construction, a clear plexiglass top will be incorporated into the floor design, allowing the well to become a visually stunning feature within the extended space.

Why Use Kenward?

Kenward’s expertise in groundwork solutions will ensure the successful completion of this project. The Cornerstone development will gain a stunning extension while preserving a valuable piece of history. This innovative approach offers several benefits:

  • Historic Preservation: The historic well is safeguarded and incorporated into the new design, adding a unique character to the extended space.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The exposed well, with its plexiglass top, creates a visually captivating element within the extension.
  • Structural Integrity: Our meticulous groundwork methods guarantee the stability of both the new extension and the historic well.

By combining our proven groundwork expertise with innovative solutions, Kenward is proud to contribute to the successful development of the Cornerstone project in Chiddingfold, Surrey.